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The consignment and the transit accompanying document shall be presented at each office of transit.

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The offices of transit shall inspect the goods if they consider it necessary to do so. Where necessary it will be informed by the office of departure that the guarantee for country the concerned is invalid. Paragraphs 1 to 4 shall bol u ramenima kod muškaraca apply to the carriage of goods by rail. Article 36 Incidents during transport 1.

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In the cases set out below, the carrier shall bol kontejneri joint required to make the necessary entries in the transit accompanying document and present them with the consignment to the competent authorities of the country in whose territory the means of transport is located: a if the prescribed bol bol kontejneri joint donjem dijelu leđa zajedničkoj prava is changed and Article 26 2 applies; b if seals are broken in the course of a transport operation for reasons beyond the carrier's control; c if goods are transferred to another means of transport; any such transfer must be made under the supervision of the competent authorities which may, however, authorise transfers to be made without their supervision; d in the event of imminent danger necessitating immediate partial or total unloading of the means of transport; e in the event of any incident or accident capable of affecting the ability of the principal or the carrier bol kontejneri joint comply with his obligations.

Where the competent authorities consider that the common transit operation concerned may continue in the normal way they shall, once they have taken any steps that may be necessary, endorse the transit accompanying document. The relevant information concerning the transfer or any other incident shall be recorded in the computerised system by the competent authorities as the case may be at the office of transit or office of destination.

The goods and the required documents shall be presented at bol kontejneri joint office of destination during the days and hours appointed for opening. However, the said office may, at the request and expense of the party concerned, allow the documents and the goods to be presented outside bol kontejneri joint appointed days and hours. Similarly, at the request and expense of the party concerned, the office of destination may also allow the goods and the required documents to be presented in any other place.

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Where the goods are presented at the office of destination after expiry of the time limit prescribed by the office of departure and where this failure to comply with the time limit is bol kontejneri joint to circumstances which are explained bol kontejneri joint the satisfaction of the office of destination and are not attributable to the carrier or the principal, the latter shall be deemed to have complied with the time limit prescribed.

At the request of the principal, and to provide evidence of the procedure having ended in accordance with Article 42 1the office of destination shall endorse a copy of the transit accompanying document with the following phrase: — Alternative proof — 5.

A transit operation may end at an office other than the one entered in the transit declaration. That office bol kontejneri joint then become the office of destination. Article 38 Receipt 1.

The office of destination shall endorse a receipt at the request of the person presenting the goods and the required documents. The receipt shall conform to the particulars in Appendix III. The receipt shall be completed in advance by the person concerned. It may contain other particulars relating to the consignment, except in the space reserved for the office of destination. The receipt shall not be used as proof of the procedure having ended within the meaning of Article 42 1.

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Article 39 Return of information 1. The common transit procedure shall end and the obligations of the principal shall be met when the goods placed under the procedure, the necessary documents and the required data are produced at the office of destination, in accordance with the provisions governing the procedure.

The competent authorities shall discharge the common transit procedure when they are in a position to establish, on the basis of a comparison of the data available to the office of departure and those available to the office of destination, that the procedure has ended correctly. Article 41 Enquiry procedure 1. The enquiry procedure is started at the latest seven bol kontejneri joint after the expiry of one of the time limits referred in paragraph 1, except in exceptional cases, defined by the Contracting parties in agreement with each other.

If the competent authorities receive information earlier that the transit procedure has not ended, or suspect that to be the case, the enquiry procedure shall be initiated forthwith.

The principal shall be requested to provide the information needed to discharge the procedure at the latest twenty-eight days after the start of the enquiry procedure with the office of destination when the transit operation cannot be discharged.

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The office of destination and the principal shall reply to the request, referred to in paragraph 4, within twenty-eight days. If the principal provides sufficient information within this period, the competent authorities of the country of departure shall take into account such information or shall discharge the procedure if the information provided so permits.

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If the information received from the principal is not sufficient to discharge the procedure, but is sufficient to continue the enquiry procedure according the competent authorities of the bol kontejneri joint of departure, it shall immediately initiate a request to the customs office involved.

Where an enquiry establishes that the transit procedure ended correctly, the competent authorities of the country of departure shall discharge the procedure and shall immediately inform the principal and, where appropriate, any competent authorities that may have initiated a recovery procedure in accordance with Article Article 41a 1.

When the competent authorities of the country of departure, herein after referred to as the requesting authorities, during the enquiry procedure bol kontejneri joint before the time limit referred to in Article 1 c expires, obtain evidence by whatever means regarding the place where the events from which the customs debt arises occur, and this place is in another Contracting Party, the competent authorities shall immediately send all the information available to the authorities responsible for that place, herein after referred to as the authorities addressed.

The authorities addressed shall acknowledge receipt of the communication and indicate whether they are responsible for the recovery. If no response is received within twenty-eight days, the requesting authorities shall immediately proceed with the enquiry procedure.

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Article 42 Alternative proof of the end of the procedure 1. The proof that the procedure has ended within the time limit prescribed in the declaration may be furnished by the principal to the satisfaction of the competent authorities in the form of a document certified by the competent authorities of the country of destination identifying the goods and establishing that they have been presented at the office of destination or, where Article 64 applies, to an authorised consignee.

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The Common transit procedure shall also be considered as having ended where the principal presents, to the satisfaction of the competent authorities, one of the following documents identifying the goods: a a customs document issued in a third country entering the goods for a customs-approved treatment or use; b a document issued in a third country, stamped by the customs authorities of this country and certifying that goods are considered to be in free circulation in the third country concerned.

The documents mentioned in paragraph 2 can be replaced by their copies or photocopies certified as being true copies by the body which certified the original documents, by the authorities bol kontejneri joint the third countries concerned or by the authorities of one of the countries.

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Article 43 Post-clearance verification 1. The competent authorities may carry out post-clearance verification of the information supplied and any documents, forms, authorisations or data relating to the common transit procedure in order to check the entries and stamps are authentic.

Such checks shall be made where doubts arise or fraud is suspected. They may also be made on the basis of risk analysis or by random selection. Any competent authorities receiving a request to make a post-clearance check shall respond without delay. These provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to Article