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InterAct, Inc. - communicating with people in business
The Stan Bigelow Experience
An Unforgettable Personal Experience!

We personalize our workshop learning to each individual to provide a unique learning experience. Our workshops offer an opportunity for maximum participation. Our feedback on individual participants ensures the greatest return on your training investment and maximizes individual learning, improvement and growth.
* InterAct trainer Stan Bigelow is an expert in the field of business and communication skills for the services industries.
* InterAct's mission is to provide comprehensive training solutions focused specifically on customer retention and the customer satisfaction skills necessary to delight your customers, become indispensable to your customers, and achieve long-term customer loyalty.
* InterAct's business and consulting skills enable service organizations to create and retain high-value, high-influence customers who will recommend your products and services to potential customers in the market place.
* We are dedicated to achieving our clients' goals and objectives. Service teams will outperform the competition when they have vital business and communication skills. Our reputation is unchallenged for individualized service, quality, and innovation. We have developed a model for successful training solutions for service business concerns and we work closely with our clients to customize solutions to their company culture, products, services, and service organization strategies.
* Strengthen Your Corporate Team. Teamwork between sales, service, inside support, manufacturing, engineering-all departments-is essential to achieve long-term customer retention. We are focused on this big picture and will create a customized training solution for your company.
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Stan personifies customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our workshops are a wonderful opportunity to learn from him!

InterAct Open Workshop - "Exceed Customer Expectations: Pathway to Corporate Profits" - Become a business professional to ensure service is a profit center for your company. Learn strategic customer conversation skills to consult with customers about your company’s products and services to both help them with their business needs and grow your company’s service business. Learn to resolve your customers’ issues through active listening, persuasion, and negotiation skills. Make your plans now to attend our May 22 - 24, 2017 Workshop. All Open Workshops are held in Chicago.


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